How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Divorce in Australia comes at a cost. Many times it is unavoidable and there is a need to dissolve the marriage or de-facto relationship. So, how much exactly does it cost to divorce in Australia?

Basic Divorce Order Costs

How much does a divorce costTo obtain a divorce in the state of Western Australia you need to obtain a divorce order from The Family Court of Western Australia.

The divorce order costs $930 to file with the Family Court of Western Australia. For approved concession holders there is a reduced cost of $310. 

The cost of the divorce order is paid for by the person applying for the divorce. However, for joint applications, the parties may agree to share the costs. 

What about other costs to divorce?

In Australia, it is possible to apply for a divorce order online due to our “no-fault” divorce system. 

The main criteria required to apply is that you can demonstrate you have been separated for 12 months or more.

Whilst the basic filing costs of a divorce are quite straightforward (as outlined above), depending on your particular circumstances and the degree of complexity there can be other costs you need to consider.

For example, having a lawyer file the initial application, or to have the order served to your ex, or respond to orders served to you will require legal work and you will be required to pay legal fees.

Factors such as:

  • Children involved
  • Disputes about the date of separation
  • Living separately under one roof
  • Different legal jurisdictions (eg one partner is overseas or interstate)
  • Other legal matters

all add complexity to the settling of the divorce order and it is in your best interests to be represented by an experienced family lawyer.

So How Much Does a Typical Divorce Cost?

The cost involved in each divorce will vary based on individual circumstances. The more complex the circumstance and the more matters of disagreement between the parties, the more work is required to come to an arrangement. 

This may involve mediation or Family Court rulings.

In the instance that the divorce is quite straightforward, the average total cost of a divorce may be between approximately $1,300 and $1,800, including the filing fee payable to the Family Court of Western Australia. 

For more complex cases, the cost can rise with the time required to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Get the Help You Need

These figures are just a guide and shouldn’t be an indication of what it would cost you to divorce in your situation. 

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