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At Thomson Family Lawyers, our trustworthy and reliable team understand that for many parents, their children are the primary concern following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship. Therefore, we believe it is vital to provide clients with reliable advice from our leading professionals. Agreeing on an arrangement with your former partner over child custody and visitation rights can be a difficult process, which is why Thomson Family Lawyers are here to assist you with every step of the process.

A lack of understanding child custody laws can often cause distress for most parents, especially when considering how their children will be cared for, and how each parent will maintain their relationship with their children following their separation. To avoid either partner making presumptions about their legal rights, our team of lawyers in Perth, provide a clear understanding and solid foundation surrounding the issues of your case.

Some of the most common matters parents must consider following separation, include:

  1. With whom a child will live with, previously known as custody or residence;
  2. The extent to which a child can live with both parents, otherwise known as shared care and often termed as joint custody or joint residence;
  3. The quantity of time a child will spend with the parent that they do not primarily live with;
  4. The extent to which parents will make decisions – either together or unilaterally – about matters relating to their child (termed parental responsibility);
  5. Arrangements for the time a child will spend with each parent on significant occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day;
  6. The way a handover is conducted and who might be involved in that process; and
  7. The extent to which a child can, and will communicate with each of their parents by telephone, at times whilst not in that parent’s care.

At Thomson Family Lawyers, we provide advice regarding the ongoing care arrangements for your children following separation. Where possible, we assist you in achieving negotiated settlements, with everyone’s best interests in mind and with respect to any care arrangements that may be ordered by the Court. If both parties are unable to agree, our team of child custody lawyers are here to assist you with representation in litigated matters. Our aim is to provide the best outcome for separated parents and their children, offering friendly and reliable assistance throughout the whole process.

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