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Child Relocation Lawyers

Child Relocation Lawyers
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Under the Family Law Act, relocation refers to a separated parent or guardian wanting to move their child intrastate, interstate or internationally, which would directly impact the other parent’s time spent with the child. If you’re in this situation, you will need permission from the other parent, or an order from the Family Court before you can move.

These days, relocating after separation is becoming progressively more common amongst families. There are an increasing number of cases in the Family Court of Western Australia and the Family Court of Australia where parties are seeking orders to permit relocation with their children.

Thomson Family Lawyers can assist you with the complexities involved in relocation matters, including providing advice and assistance during negotiations. This helps to achieve mediated solutions, as well as offering guidance, direction and advice for litigated matters involving relocation.

The rearrangement of a child’s living situation can cause other issues to arise. This includes the time a child will spend with the non-relocating parent and the costs that may arise from associated travel, how often they will communicate, as well as matters relating to child support. These issues must all be addressed by the parent deciding to relocate, and that’s where Thomson Family Lawyers are here to help.

Our dedicated team of child relocation lawyers in Perth also provide advice on other related matters. These include restraints preventing the removal of a child from a state or country, prevention of issuing children’s passports, through to urgent action in the event of unilateral relocation. In addition to this, we also offer advice and action in respect of matters relating to international child abduction.

For more information regarding our child relocation services, contact Thomson Family Lawyers or visit our Perth office today.

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