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Thomson Family Lawyers are a team of family and divorce lawyers located in the suburb of Stirling, a short 15-minute drive North-West of Perth City. We are’re a premier law firm that practices exclusively Family Law and offer a comprehensive range of services for anyone undergoing divorce, separation and/or child custody disagreements.

Whether you’re in need of a Family Court, separation or divorce lawyer in Perth, our experienced team at Thomson Family Lawyers can help. We have a wealth of experience in the preparation of complicated matters, including financial settlement proceedings, child related proceedings, Violence Restraining Order matters, and Child Protection matters. We also regularly instruct counsel in interim and final hearings in the Family Court of Western Australia, the Family Court of Australia and other Western Australian Courts, including the Magistrates Court and Perth Children’s Court.

Our family and divorce lawyers practice all areas of Family Law, including matters involving divorce, de facto relationships, property settlement, spousal maintenance, parenting/care arrangements, relocation, child support and paternity determination matters. We also specialise in handling child protection matters and application/dispute of violence restraining orders.

If you would like further information about any of our services or would like to speak to one of our family or divorce lawyers, please contact our Stirling office on (08) 6444 9911.

Binding Financial Agreements

A binding financial agreement plays an essential role towards protecting your assets, and gives you the relevant information in knowing your rights and responsibilities, following the breakdown of a relationship.

Property Settlement Perth

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, parties are often faced with confusion and uncertainty in determining how their assets should be divided, for the financial security of each party moving forward...

Child Custody Lawyers

For those of our clients who are parents, children are the primary concern following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship. There are many presumptions made by parties about their legal rights and entitlements where children are concerned, and a lack of understanding of the law can often cause much distress for parents, when considering how their children will be cared for, and how each parent will maintain their relationship with their children, following separation.

Child Relocation Lawyers

Relocation by a parent, following separation, is becoming more common and there are increasing numbers of cases in the Family Court of Western Australia and the Family Court of Australia where parties are seeking Orders to permit relocation with their children.

Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce lawyers are able to provide advice in respect of making or responding to Applications for Divorce, following the breakdown of a marriage. When parties to a marriage separate, there are many aspects of the separation that require attention and, at Thomson Family Lawyers, we are able to assist in advising our clients in respect of limitation periods and the impact of obtaining a Divorce Order, particularly in regards to property settlement matters.

Child Support Lawyers

At Thomson Family Lawyers, we can assist you and or/your family with child support matters and all legal matters relating to child support. It is our goal to provide you with guidance throughout the process, ensuring you are aware of the procedural issues and the legal aspects that relate to your case. Our family lawyers work to ensure that your children are financially supported, in accordance with the law that govern child support matters.

Paternity Determination

At Thomson Family Lawyers, we have vast experience in matters involving paternity determination and related issues, such as payment of child support. Our family lawyers can assist our clients in determination of paternity matters, for legal purposes, which in turn impacts on a parent’s ability to meet obligations arising from payment of child support. Paternity determination matters can also raise issues relating to time to be spent between a child and a party, particularly if there is a determination that a party is not the biological parent of a child.

Violence Restraining Orders

Thomson Family Lawyers accepts instructions from clients in respect of Violence Restraining Orders and can assist clients with either applying for a Violence Restraining Order or defending any application made. Whether you are seeking to be protected, or whether you are responding to an Application, we are able to assist.

Child Protection Lawyers

Our family lawyers are able to offer our clients advice and representation in Child Protections Matters, in the Perth Children’s Court. Parents can often feel overwhelmed in cases where the Department for Child Protection and Family Services (the Department) becomes involved with their child and their family and, accordingly, at Thomson Family Lawyers, we aim to provide guidance and support throughout this difficult and often overwhelming time.