Thomson Family Lawyers specialise in child protection matters and are qualified to provide advice and representation in the Perth Children’s Court.

Our child protection lawyers understand that these situations are often overwhelming, and in cases where the Department for Child Protection and Family Services (the Department) become involved, such situations can be traumatic for both the parents and the child.

We aim to provide not only legal advice and representation, but guidance and support throughout this difficult and often upsetting time. Our goal is always to resolve child protection issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to help make decisions that are solely in the best interest of the child.

Our child protection lawyers can provide advice and representation for matters involving the Perth Children’s Court, and can assist in liaising with the Department on your behalf.

We are focused on assisting our clients and ensuring that any legal intervention by the Department is limited to that which is necessary to promote your child’s health, safety and wellbeing, and we assist our clients in working towards reunification in a timely manner.

Thomson Family Lawyers are able to provide you with legal information, advice and representation during your child protection proceedings.

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