Thomson Family divorce lawyers’ are experts in the legal separation process, and can provide advice in respect of making or responding to applications for divorce. We specialise in assisting separating couples to navigate and resolve the problems that often arise during this difficult time.

Divorce Advice

If you have separated, or are considering separation or divorce, then our de facto separation and divorce lawyers can help. We’ve helped hundreds of Perth couples separate harmoniously and always treat each case with individuality, as no two divorce cases are ever the same.

There are many reasons for divorce. Sadly marriages end and separation is necessary. In the event your marriage has ended and it’s been 12 months since the separation, you can apply for divorce. Applications for divorce can be made in one of two ways.

  1. If the separation is amicable, a joint application made by both parties can be submitted.
  2. However, this is not always the case and in situations where one party refuses to cooperate, one person may file for divorce and the papers will then be served to the other party.

Divorce vs. Separation

When parties to a marriage separate, there are many aspects of the separation that require attention and must be proven to the court before a divorce is granted. These may include living arrangements, care plans for any children of the marriage (under 18 years) and evidence of the separation period. Often, especially in cases where the separation is not amicable, proving these factors to the court can be difficult. Our divorce lawyers specialise in helping Perth couples meet the legal requirements to divorce and prepare all the necessary documents for the hearing.

Thomson Family divorce lawyers’ understand that this is a highly emotional and often frustrating stage in your life – which is why we strive to provide calm, objective legal advice, and always aim to resolve your divorce matters in the fastest, stress-free manner as possible.

Affordable Legal Representation

We also understand that the divorce process can be extremely costly. Here at Thomson Family Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being amongst the most affordable divorce lawyers in Perth, with reasonable fees and the promise to help you save money where and when we can.

Please be aware that a divorce or court ordered separation does not resolve any parenting or financial matters. All property settlement, division of finances, child support agreements and other related matters require a separate application, which your Thomson Family divorce lawyer can also assist with.

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