At Thomson Family Lawyers our divorce lawyers’ are experts in the legal separation process, and can provide advice in respect of making or responding to applications for divorce. We specialise in assisting separating couples to navigate and resolve the problems that often arise during this difficult time.

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Meet the Lawyers & Solicitors specialising in divorce here at Thomson Family Lawyers: Serina Thomson, Danielle Battista, Gloria Ong & Gillian Hodge.

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Affordable Legal Representation

We understand that the divorce process can be extremely costly. Here at Thomson Family Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being amongst the most affordable divorce lawyers in Perth, with reasonable fees and the promise to help you save money where and when we can.

Please be aware that a divorce or court ordered separation does not resolve any parenting or financial matters. All property settlement, division of finances, child support agreements and other related matters require a separate application, which your Thomson Family divorce lawyer can also assist with.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce?

To obtain a divorce in the state of Western Australia you need to obtain a divorce order from The Family Court of Western Australia.

The Family Court of Western Australia charge a filing fee for an Application for Divorce.  As at 1 July 2019, the fee is $910 and, in limited circumstances, you may be eligible for a fee reduction.

The Applicant will meet the costs associated with the Application for Divorce.  However, for jointly filed applications, the parties may agree that the costs will be shared.

How can I obtain a Divorce Order if I have no money?
Whilst the Family Court of Western Australia charge a filing fee for an Application for Divorce, there are limited circumstances in which you can apply for a fee reduction, on the basis of financial hardship.

This will require you to complete an Application and provide detailed information to the Court about your financial circumstances.  The Family Court of Western Australia does not provide a fee exemption, for Applications for Divorce, but may approve a reduction to the filing fee, if you meet the necessary criteria.

Can I apply for a Divorce Order without a Lawyer?
Whilst you are likely to be able to prepare your Application for Divorce without too much difficulty, many clients will find difficulties in correctly serving documents, as well as filing the necessary further service documents that the Court requires, to enable the Court to make the Divorce Order on the hearing date.

Therefore, you should seek legal advice when filing an Application for Divorce, to ensure that your Application is accepted by the Court and the Order is granted at the first hearing.  If you do not correctly serve the Application for Divorce on your spouse, or if you do not file the necessary corroborating service documents that are required, your hearing will be adjourned to allow you more time to do this.

Accordingly, if you wish to obtain your Divorce Order at the earliest opportunity, legal advice will assist you in ensuring that you are correctly taking all steps required, before your Divorce Hearing date.  Our Divorce Lawyers at Thomson Family Lawyers can assist you in this process.  Contact us today on (08) 6444 9911 to arrange an obligation free Initial Consultation to discuss your Divorce matters.

What is Involved in Getting a Divorce?

To obtain an Order for Divorce, the parties must be separated for at least 12 months.  Often, parties may dispute the date on which separation occurred and this can result in the Family Court declining to grant your Divorce Order, if certain criteria are not met.  It is important that you seek legal advice from a Divorce Lawyer when seeking to apply for a Divorce.

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There are also other requirements that the Court must consider, such as those which arise in short marriages.  If parties have been married for less than two (2) years, at the time of separation, there are other requirements that must be satisfied before you can apply for an Application for Divorce in the Family Court.

There are also very strict requirements for service of an Application for Divorce, after this is filed in the Family Court of Western Australia.  If service of the Application for Divorce is completed incorrectly, or if the further service corroboration documents are not completed and filed correctly, this may delay the Court’s ability to process your Application and grant your Divorce Order.

As the Applicant, you cannot personally serve an Application for Divorce on your spouse.  There are many options available, including some that come at no cost, or otherwise, engaging the services offered by Process Servers for a set fee, when serving your Application for Divorce.

It is important that you understand the timing requirements of service and the specific procedures involved when serving an Application for Divorce, to ensure that you can demonstrate to the Court that you have complied with the requirements for service.

If you attend the hearing for your Application for Divorce, but have not completed service correctly, your Application will be adjourned to a later date, to allow for you to correctly undertake such processes.

Accordingly, seeking legal advice from a Divorce Lawyer can help you to avoid the common pitfalls that arise.  At Thomson Family Lawyers, our Divorce Lawyers can assist you in navigating this process and we can take the stress out of applying for a Divorce in the Family Court of Western Australia.

What our Clients are saying:

Serina and her team were amazing. I cried when the magistrate passed judgment because I didn’t think it was even possible to rule in my favour. But Serina did and she made it happen. My parenting and financial matters are now fully resolved and I am so incredibly happy with the result. Thank you Serina” – Stu Bacca

How to Choose a Good Divorce Lawyer

  1. Obtain Legal Advice as soon as possible

Separation can be a difficult and emotional time.  However, there are time limitations that apply for financial settlement matters and these are directly related to Divorce matters.  Therefore, if you are separated and are seeking to obtain a Divorce Order, be sure to obtain legal advice as soon as possible, so you know your rights and options.  There are also matters that arise following a Divorce and you may need to consider issues such as your Will, after a Divorce Order is made.  Our Divorce Lawyers at Thomson Family Lawyers are here to help.

  1. Seek Legal Advice from a Lawyer who practices exclusively in Family Law

Divorce matters can sometimes be complex and it is essential that you receive advice from a lawyer who specialises in Family Law and practices exclusively in the area of Family Law.  At Thomson Family Lawyers, all our lawyers practice exclusively in Family Law and have a wealth of experience working in the Family Court with Divorce cases.

Divorce Advice

If you have separated, or are considering separation or divorce, then our de facto separation and divorce lawyers can help. We’ve helped hundreds of Perth couples separate harmoniously and always treat each case with individuality, as no two divorce cases are ever the same.

There are many reasons for divorce. Sadly marriages end and separation is necessary. In the event your marriage has ended and it’s been 12 months since the separation, you can apply for divorce. Applications for divorce can be made in one of two ways.

  1. If the separation is amicable, a joint application made by both parties can be submitted.
  2. However, this is not always the case and in situations where one party refuses to cooperate, one person may file for divorce and the papers will then be served to the other party.

Divorce vs. Separation

When parties to a marriage separate, there are many aspects of the separation that require attention and must be proven to the court before a divorce is granted. These may include living arrangements, care plans for any children of the marriage (under 18 years) and evidence of the separation period. Often, especially in cases where the separation is not amicable, proving these factors to the court can be difficult. Our divorce lawyers specialise in helping Perth couples meet the legal requirements to divorce and prepare all the necessary documents for the hearing.

Thomson Family divorce lawyers’ understand that this is a highly emotional and often frustrating stage in your life – which is why we strive to provide calm, objective legal advice, and always aim to resolve your divorce matters in the fastest, stress-free manner as possible.
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