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Property Settlement Following Divorce or Separation

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Property settlement is the division of assets, liabilities and financial resources in the case of a divorce or separation. This can be done either mutually by agreement, or through a judicial decision in the Family Court of Western Australia. 

Many people wrongly believe property settlement is just about what you own. But importantly, it is also about what you’ve contributed.

At Thomson Family Lawyers, we ensure that all our clients understand their rights and entitlements. Following a marriage or de facto relationship breakdown, it’s vital that both parties seek legal advice as soon as possible. 

Our solicitors are experts in all matters of property settlement and we are available to provide you thorough legal advice and assistance. Whether your matters are simple and straightforward or complex and involved, our goal is the same.

We aim to:

  1. Gain a full understanding of your financial situation. This includes property, assets and liabilities, and your general circumstances
  2. Provide a clear understanding of the intended division of assets, in order to ensure financial security for each party moving forward
  3. If necessary, provide for a financial agreement, spousal maintenance, and representation in court proceedings

In what can be an unsettling time, we will provide direction and certainty with respect to the settlement process. We aim to provide our clients with your likely percentage split in a property settlement following separation.

Thomson Family Lawyers always strives to reach favourable settlements as efficiently as possible. Negotiated settlements or mediated agreements are the most common means of reaching an agreement. These agreements can be formalised, by way of Court Orders made in the Family Court of Western Australia, to make the agreement binding.

De Facto Separations & Settlement

De facto relationships refer to couples (including same-sex couples) that have been living together in a marriage-like relationship.

Therefore, when de facto relationships break down, we follow similar legal processes for financial settlement matters, as for parties that are married.  However, de facto couples need not apply for a divorce. 

Just like people who are married, people in de facto relationships have the same financial responsibilities to their partners.

The law treats disputes regarding property and children in the same way. The Court may need to prove the relationship, in certain cases. This can make de facto separations trickier. 

Are you considering the division of property and assets? Seeking legal advice is the best way of ensuring you reach a favourable agreement. 

Our team can provide you with advice as to how to protect your assets, guiding you through the legal separation process.

If you’re looking for a specialist de facto separation lawyer, you can reach us at our Perth office for a free consultation on your situation.

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